Annual Package of GST Return @6000/- FSSAI/FOOD LICENSE IN JUST @4999/- ISO CERTIFICATION IN JUST 3500/-

Refund Policy

We at E-startuprajasthan highly appreciate and thank you for your purchase product or service with us on our website Kindly go through our policy and read the term and conditions carefully so that you shall to know about your rights and obligations as being our customer, with due respect to any product or service purchase with us. 
We put our best efforts in order to provide you the services according to the requirements and timelines cited towards each product or service that you bought from us. However, there may be certain times when we are unable to provide you these products or services that you ordered from us. In such cases, you shall be authorized for a refund with subject to the following scenarios :

1. The refund request shall only be processed if any visible or genuine crunch is found in our product or service. 

2. The refund shall not be considered if there is a change of mind request made by the customer. In such cases, the refund shall not be granted as there is no mistake or fault of E-startup Rajasthan. 

3. Refund requests shall not be considered once the work has been communicated to you in case of mind change. But we will provide you with the options of alternate services for the same amount that has been paid by you. 

4. If the refund request is raised after 30 days from the purchase date of product or service completion and the same has been informed to you through email or any other type of communication, then such a request shall be deemed or considered invalid.  

       If the refund request has been approved by E-startup Rajasthan then, it shall be processed and the same will be informed to you through email or any other communication type. The refund process takes a minimum of 15 business days as and the same will be credited to your bank account as per the standard banking procedures. We will keep a check on the refund process and ensure you that your money reaches to you at the earliest.