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E-StartupRajasthan is an Internet portal that facilitates communication between legal professionals and users of legal services. The E-StartupRajasthan serves as a place for legal services providers and consumers to exchange information with the goal of eventually building a professional relationship. E-StartupRajasthan does not guarantee that users will successfully find a lawyer/accountant through this system. E-StartupRajasthan does not take any position and does not give any opinion on when or why the lawyer-client relationship is formed.

Our website serves to provide an optimal platform for customers, agreements between the e-Startuppers team and customers or are not included in the actual representation of customers. Therefore, we cannot fulfill the agreement or ensure the integrity of both parties. Users, and E-Startuprajasthan, is responsible only for assessing the honesty, honesty and credibility of the individuals with whom the user communicates on this service and the team's duty to E-Startuprajasthan is to perform its tasks honestly. Similarly, customers should also cooperate with us honestly.

(a) Disclaimer of the lawyer-client relationship

E-Startuprajasthan is not an agent of lawyers. It only facilitates the communication of lawyers and potential clients. Any electronic communication sent to E-Startuprajasthan alone will not create a lawyer-client relationship between the user and E-Startuprajasthan, such being expressly denied.

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E-StartupRajasthan seeks to help every needy litigant find lawyers best suited to his/her needs. E-StartupRajasthan is not intended to be a source of advertising or solicitation and the contents of the website should not be construed as legal advice. RajStartup may recommend subscribing lawyers if they match a user’s requirements, but not otherwise. Transmission, receipt or use of E-StartupRajasthan does not constitute or create a lawyer-client relationship. No recipients of content from this website should act, or refrain from acting, based upon any or all of the contents of this site. We welcome the user to study the profiles of lawyers independently and make an informed choice.



The users of E-StartupRajasthan are granted a nonexclusive, limited right to access and use the service in accordance with the rules that are described in this contract. In order to keep this system attractive and useful for all users, it is important that users follow the rules of the system. RajStartup reserves the right to deny further access to its service to any user who violates these rules is the subject of complaints by other E-StartupRajasthan users or for any other reason.

Users engaged in any of the following activities on our system will not be tolerated:

  • Foul or otherwise inappropriate language.
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