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What business will be new in India?

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3 Aug 2023

What business will be new in India?

The Tidal Wave of Fintech Startups

Picture this, it's a Tuesday afternoon, a regular day in my life in Seattle with my Golden Retriever Max romping around the yard and the ever-subdued Misty, my Tabby Cat, pretending she doesn’t care, but watching every move he makes. Out of nowhere, my spouse Heather brings up how transformative fintech startups can be for emerging economies like India's. I must confess, Heather's financial savvy often takes me for a spin, and this time was no different.

You see, India currently has an untapped market of around 190 million unbanked adults who might not have access to traditional banking but do have mobile phones. It's these folks that Fintech can revolutionize, by offering seamless, digital-first financial services. In the next few years, don't be surprised to see Indian entrepreneurs harnessing sophisticated tech like AI, ML, and Blockchain to create innovative, inclusive banking solutions.

Green Businesses: Sustainability Stepping In

Now, I know that India is infamous for its bustling streets and tangible chaos as much as its diverse culture and color. But the rising concern over environmental degradation is inciting a wave for Green Business practices. India is going big – big in the green way, I mean. Sustainable alternatives to everyday necessities such as bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable products, and organic foods are setting the markets ablaze with potential.

Heather, who is unapologetically a borderline fanatic for all things green and organic, is already eyeing some of these companies for her next investment spree, and I couldn’t be prouder! The eco-friendly wave in India is just getting started, and boy, does it promise a tsunami of opportunities for innovative start-ups!

The Big Bang of E-Commerce

Escaping to the digital realm is every brick and mortar store right now. Case in point? India's e-commerce market. Treading the online path is not a luxury anymore but rather, a necessity for survival. India is embracing this trend aggressively, with the number of online shoppers expected to leap from 120 million in 2018 to 220 million by 2025, according to a report by Bain & Company.

From electronics to clothes, groceries to medication, virtually everything can be delivered at your doorstep with just a few taps on your smartphone now. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic only amplified this digital dependence. As a result, digital entrepreneurship is booming, and it is an exciting time to be a part of this thriving landscape.

Space Technology: India Launching Forward

Now, here's a fun fact. Did you know that India is the first Asian nation to reach Mars orbit? And they did it in their first attempt. Impressive, right? The success of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was just the beginning. Very soon, we might see private players collaborating with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) to build satellites, launch rockets and explore interplanetary space – opening up an arena for pioneering space tech startups.

Being a self-confessed astrophile, watching companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin take pride in their technological feats made me wonder why other countries aren't following suit. But with this development, I'm thrilled already about the fantastic space miracle we might witness soon!

The Advent of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Enter the world of AR & VR. From being buzzwords to transforming into a reality, AR and VR are taking the world by storm. And India won't be left behind in this race. Picture this: you put on a VR headset, and the next moment you're standing in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Chandni Chowk, Delhi, without leaving your couch in Seattle. Amazing, isn't it?

Or imagine touring a real estate property halfway across the globe or a doctor performing remote surgery with the help of AR. As Heather and I are always on the hunt for unique experiences and new adventures, this growing tech sector is something we're definitely going to keep tabs on.

Brent Fuel Vehicles: India Powering Ahead

Let's shift gears and sneak a peek into India's transport sector. With a government aim that states 30% of vehicles on the roads should be electric by 2030, Electric Vehicle (EV) startups are gearing up to ride the wave. It's an industry that's evolving at a phenomenal pace, and India is comfortably positioning itself as a prospective global leader in EV production.

Being an EV owner myself (a sleek black Tesla Model S, for what it's worth), and a major proponent of sustainable living, I'm intrigued to see how the Indian market will adapt to this disruptive technology. Forget gas stations, the future is all about plug and drive!

Edu-tech: Transforming the Indian Education Sector

Last but not least, we look at the colossal changes in the Indian education sector. Online learning platforms are democratizing education, breaking down barriers, and making quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of geographic location.

My nephew back in India now takes classes from tutors halfway across the globe, an inconceivable reality even a decade ago. Such a dynamic shift in educational practices and digitization are not just wave of the revolution; they are paving the path to progress and is a gentle nod to the limitless potential of ed-tech in India. As Heather often says, "Education equals emancipation", and right now, India is living testament to this.

In Summation: India Shaping the Future

India is brimming over with potential, and its start-up culture is buzzing with ideas that are disruptive, innovative, and problem-solving. The sectors I have highlighted are merely scratching the surface of the diversity of enterprises springing up in different fields.

As the second-most populous country with a burgeoning middle-class and increasing mobile and internet penetration, India is a fertile ground for businesses to flourish. This buzzing economic activity, coupled with a thrifty risk-taking population, promises a boom in new industries and opportunities. Watch out world, the Indian business landscape is transforming, and it sure is exciting to witness!

Kellan Winchester
Kellan Winchester

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